Silver linings in car accidents

Yesterday morning we went to the car rental facility. Car rentals are covered under our insurance. When asked what kind of car we needed (i.e., did we need an SUV since what was damaged was an SUV) I said, it doesn’t matter, but something with good gas mileage would be nice.

He responds: “HOW ABOUT A PRIUS?”

So we took it.

DH went to work, and since the Prius provides stats, came home and told me he had driven 52 miles (to and from work) on…drum roll please…


That would be versus our normal quarter tank.

Running air conditioning, (which he never gets to do) in stop and go traffic.

$4 of gas. In a week that will be $20 verus $100+. That’s like driving the scooter to and from.

Maybe it’ll take a month to fix the SUV??? We can hope.