Last week dd and I went to a scrapbook retreat house

I got to make something new to go to my e-commerce site, glass magnets. I have not yet posted them but that is on my “to do” list. I also made 3 sets of cards while there. Those will go up on the site too.

Last week I received a check for 3 sets of coasters I had consigned to an online store promoting Louisiana products. Yeah!!!

This week I have begun marketing my products to some more local gift shops. I have been in one for well over a year and they purchase one of my monogram designs. They have a bridal registry and I know some of the brides have chosen my monogrammed coaster for their “wish list”. I am using that relationship to hopefully build more relationships with other stores.

I have been by 3 stores. At two of them, the respective owners were not in. I got their name and will by another day. I went by the gift shop at a local plantation museum and they bought several items. I thought at first they were not going to purchase anything but they ended up with 5 different items. Got paid right away and that works for me!

I took an adult art class Tuesday night and one of the ladies who runs the place knew I was doing coasters and other items. After the class she wished she could see some of my coasters. Well, it just so happened that I had some stuff in my car from going around to stores on Tuesday. Anyway, I brought my wares in and sold a set of coasters, a plaque and got an order for a trivet!! Wow!! I am so blessed with friends (old and new) who support local artists.

yesterday I went by the bank and made a pretty good deposit after doing so little work to earn it. It is still amazing how well this business has turned out. No, I am not making enough to retire early or anything like that. However just this week I feel I am beginning to think I am gaining traction/momentum. I hope to see it continue. I believe part of it is due to getting out and pounding the pavement. Once I get my products out there a little more, like in a couple more stores, I feel that will be sufficient for now till I see if I can keep up with demand.

While I was typing this the one store I am already in just called… I had stopped by yesterday but the owner and manager were both out. The manager called to see what I needed …. I wanted to see if they were ready to reorder. She will check tier stock and let me know what they need. Yeah! They pay quickly too. They have ordered as many as 26 sets of coasters (2 each of certain letters) but I am thinking this order may not be that big. Any order is good and I don’t require a minimum with them.

This afternoon I will be going to another store to see about getting my products in the store. It is an antique store with a café. I think they usually rent out booths. I don’t want to have to commit a large rental fee for something that may not work out. If the fee is small, I will probably give it a try. As with the other stops I made I will bring some samples for them to look at. However they have seen my work because I did the craft show there earlier this month.

Well, better go for now and will report my progress later!