The celery grew thin

I guess I was hoping for commercially-grown looking stuff which didn’t happen. I haven’t gotten far enough in my life to try regrowing romaine lettuce—it’s been baseball season (between 1 son playing, volunteer umpiring and umpiring for pay, I’m gone virtually every night and most of saturday. I know I know…how long can it take to plunk lettuce in water??)

your question made me laugh–it reminded me that I am a walking joke. I made jambalaya in the pressure cooker the other night, and was really annoyed that my daughter has misplaced my canned home-dehydrated celery to put in the jambalaya. I was annoyed because the celery I had in the fridge is still there simply because I haven’t had time to grind it up to feed to the composting worms (translation: not edible for humans.)


No. Creature of habit that I am, if it wasn’t “inside the house” then I must be out of it.

Geez, if I could just get out of my own way, I might actually accomplish something.

I was looking at your blog and in looking at past posts

noted how you were growing food from scraps. Did you ever attempt to regrow romaine lettuce? If so, how did it go? Did you use organic romaine if you were successful? How has your celery turned out? The rabbits always seem to get mine after they are transplanted, but I think I’ll go ahead and try again. I don’t know about everyone else, but prices here seem to have gone up around 25% – 50% for groceries, and this is one area I’m returning to concentrate heavily on reducing. Currently, we’re spending around $300 a week on fuel, but that should drop (drastically) once school is out for the summer. I have a number of home improvements we need to concentrate on (the winter here in northern Michigan has really done a number on our home), and I’m looking everywhere I can to squeak extra money out so that I can get the work done, along with some much desired, upgrades.