Aah… YOU did something…

you didn’t just sit there and pretend something wasn’t going on. You didn’t ignore your children or the situation! Some parents would just sit there!

Don’t need to know the situation with the children or their medical condition. Like I said I speak to the parents, not to the children. You’re right kids will be kids, and parents should be proactive as you were. Its when parents throw their hands up in exasperation or no care or concern for those around them that I personally get upset. Not one to glare, I’m one to say something 🙂

I have coloring books on both my ipad and my phone for other folks children to play with. Games, books, etc. I still keep crayons in my purse. My travel bag has cards and jacks in it. I’ve played on airport floors with other people’s children keeping them entertained because I DO understand.