But you see

You immediately jumped up to take care of the situation, so many parents don’t. That is the HUGE difference. I totally understand having a child with problems. My daughter had hyperactivity (as it was called in the 70’s) and when she managed to get hold of red dye, too much sugar, and any number of other triggers we never knew what she might do. She knew the consequences, but sometimes she simply could not control herself. We like you always took steps to correct the problem immediately. That is the difference.

You’ll notice in my rewards story I said we observed the children and parents all day long. You can tell the difference in a child that has physical problems from those who have “parent” problems. I take care of Mr. W. occasionally and he has health problems such as you described and melts down quickly. He is an extremely sensitive child, and responds extremely well to rewards. All children are different and each parent needs to PARENT accordingly, so many just don’t.