Is compassion not making the children sit on a moving bus?

If I didn’t care about the children, then one wouldn’t care that they could possibly be injured. Maybe I’m missing something here so please enlighten me. Sure I have empathy for their loss, but again safety first.

I don’t see that the circumstance is an excuse… we don’t let our children ride around unbuckled and bouncing up and down in our cars do we? And if we do… aren’t you scared for their safety should you meet with an unintended or sudden mishap/accident? Children are our most precious commodity….

Even in your post, you are a concerned parent – other parents aren’t so concerned, or have zoned out, or are overwhelmed. I’ve never in my many years of teaching, or in my many years of speaking to parents about their children been given anything other than a grateful thanks. Of course, I’m coming with suggestions and an offer of assistance even when I’m denoting contrary behavior. Because again, if I didn’t care about the children, I wouldn’t say anything. I guess I’ve been around behavioral issues caused by disabilities of one sort or another, its usually easy for me to spot an unruly child from a child who cannot help him/herself and govern my response accordingly.

Unfortunately, I’m just as talkative in person as I am on line – so rest assured I’m going to say something 🙂