Hardly are you a walking joke

Truly, until I read your blog, I’d totally forgotten about attempting to regrow celery, and this is the season. Instead, I’m chucking everything into my huge compost tumbler that I’ve yet to able to harvest dirt from because the dang thing always has scraps in it. We need to buy a second one of those things in order for it to make any sense for us. We just get so busy concentrating on one thing that we forget other stuff. I will tell you that I freeze the top stuff from the celery (I have worms too btw) to use in making broth and soups. Just a thought if you do that sort of thing. Thanks for the response. I totally get how busy your life is right now. This seems to be crunch time for every parent out there. Three more weeks for us! I just pray they don’t give my children daily assignments to complete over the summer to be handed in the first day of school as they did last year. I might as well be a homeschooler and that’s not how I want to spend our summer!