We had a partly positive week here

Our grand opening for the karate school is this coming weekend, so we have been busy trying to get ready for that. We had some positive postings on yelp, shop local and google +. We also partnered up with a few schools and applied to the county, so we can volunteer/work/lecture at the schools in the county.
Downside to the week was that a kid turned in her 2 week notice to 1 of her jobs. I knew that eventually this would happen, but was hoping she would make it through the summer. Her school job ends Friday and she has only picked up a 2 day a week nanny gig so far. So she’ll be out actively looking today and talking to parents at the school she works at. Fortunately, she is DCF certified and has been fingerprinted and checked in the 2 counties she is looking for work.
I start my summer nanny job next week, so I’m looking at some money coming in vs going out.