We took a couple steps backward this week

It is rent check paycheck this week, so money is exceptionally tight. Enter the State of California wanting their remainder $617 they think we owe them. DH got a wage garnishment order so he called all in a panic. It wasn’t such a big deal, I could redirect the car payment $400, if they garnished it and the kids could help with the rest to make up for rent.

But I called the State anyway. They agreed that the amount “might” be in error, but I have to get and forward proof from the IRS first which of course will take weeks. In the meantime, they agreed to reduce the amount of the WG to $100 a check.

Success! or so I thought. I told DH to go to HR immediately and tell them an amended order was on its way and should be there within the hour. Which of course, he didn’t do. So instead of taking out $100. they took out 25% of his check, virtually the entire amount we “owe” the State.

Then someone he somehow owed $112 to (don’t get me started), wanted money back RIGHT NOW.
And I forgot to pay the electric bill as soon as I got up Friday morning….they shut it off at 11am, so that cost $185 to get it put back on. And just like that, we are $900 short in paying rent.