Well, the Grand Opening for the karate school went well

We had over 50 students, instructors and Masters visit from 5 different schools in the Federation. Most everyone was blown away by the look of the school, from the mats, to standing bags and the hanging bags. We had 4 people inquire about classes and had another person come in today to see about enrolling his kids when they come back from summer vacation.

The kid that quit her job has decided to do the private nanny thing this summer. The part-time job she had applied for turned into a “we will schedule you when we want to even if it means overtime”…that won’t work with taking 4 classes this summer and promising t/th days and S evenings to the regulars. She picked up 8 extra hours this week already.

I start my private nanny thing tomorrow morning. We’ll see how I adjust to actually having to be somewhere before I commit to the person that has asked this mom if I wanted more hours….who knew that private nanny gigs were in demand?

Checkbooks have been balanced and the bills paid…until the next statements arrive.